Healthy School

In 2014 the school was awarded with the ‘Excellence Award for Healthy Schools’ in stage 6. Since then, our aim has been to ensure that we maintain on a Stage 6. 
The Healthy Schools Scheme is divided into 7 categories; Mental and Emotional Health and Wellbeing, Environment, Food and Fitness, Hygiene, Personal Development, Safety, and Substances.  
The school provides a range of opportunities and experiences in all these areas, which are documented in the Healthy School file.  
Within Ysgol Llanfawr, the SNAG group work on the categories stated above and set targets they believe the school should be working on.  
The SNAG group has introduced a range of positive Healthy School elements to the school. Some examples include the Daily Mile, fruit shop, HWB, raised money for P.E equipment, the buddy bench, praising children for healthy lunchboxes or for making healthy pudding choices during lunch times, placed sun safety posters around the school and set up hand washing posters in the bathrooms. They have also invited agencies into the schools for presentations and workshops, such as the NSPCC, Paid Cyffwrdd Dweud, the Urdd, school nurse, police department, and the fire service.